Why A Massage Is Good For You

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

A massage is very good for you indeed. Of that there is little to no doubt. Perhaps you did indeed have doubts before. And perhaps you were even a bit shy. So perhaps then it is a very good idea indeed to briefly explain to you why this massage near me in Portland OR will be as good for you, if not, more so. Because listen to this. Who doesn’t have stress these days? And you know what that does to the old body as well.

massage near me in Portland OR

If you are not feeling it by nightfall, you are waking up at the crack of dawn with all kinds of aches and pains. And you hardly moved a muscle. This is what happens when you are highly stressed out. And when the masseuse is done with you, you’re feeling as though you are just about ready to take a soothing nap. That is what happens when you are just so relaxed. You are not falling into bed, dog-tired, that’s different.  

You are now able to relax. Peace of mind. Yes, there may well be those stresses in life. Such is life these days, it never goes away. But you should be better able to deal with these now. Try and fix your schedule so that you can take yourself, treat yourself to a regular massage. It does not have to be every day if your schedule is still so tight. Just like your muscles? Perhaps after your very first massage ever, you should listen to what your presiding masseuse has to say. 

After her first treatment, she will have got a good feel of your body if you will. She will know just how tense your muscles have been of late.