When Standing Position Necessary For MRI

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

In most cases, you as a patient, may find yourself flat on your back. That is to say that an MRI has been prescribed for you by your general or specialist medical practitioner. But what of the stand up mri in East Brunswick? Why would you be required to stand rather than lie down whilst the imaging work is being done? Well, here is a good example then. There is a suspicion of breast cancer and the female patient is on the way towards having a mammogram and further tests and therapies done. 

It is preferable for the specialist medical examiner to have an imaged projection of the patient in her upright standing position. The same imperative could be valid when examining a patient for suspected lung diseases or illnesses. And what else? Could any further examples be entertained at this time? One would have to consult with a general or specialist practitioner. But general motivations for an MRI in the first instance are sound.

stand up mri in East Brunswick

Bear in mind that no surgery is taking place. There is no probing or invasions. The search, capture and assess process is as non-invasive as medical procedures come. The procedure is also as safe as houses in the sense that should there be any radioactive material, it will be kept to an absolute minimum. Of course, should that be the case, patients that would inherently be vulnerable to this form of exposure would have alternative diagnostic procedures prescribed to them.

It may not be as effective as the MRI, but nevertheless. The MRI is most certainly a lot more effective than the traditional two-dimensional X ray. And that’s just another thing about the stand up MRI. It enhances the prospects of an all-angle diagnosis.