Watching What You Do After Stomach Surgery

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

Stomach surgery is a very popular procedure that more and more people are turning to.  When you go for stomach surgery, you will be undergoing a procedure where they remove a large portion of your stomach and replace it with one the size of a banana.  The reason for many people to get his surgery is to lose weight.  However, there is also a long list of other issues that will benefit from this surgery.

No matter what reason you get the surgery, bariatric revision surgery in Mount Pleasant may be an option you may face in the future.  When you don’t follow the guidelines set forth by your doctor or if you have other medical issues, this surgery may be called upon.

Watch what you eat

Your stomach after the surgery will need time to heal.  You will be on a liquid diet after first getting the surgery and then you will need to process your food into very small pieces afterword’s to ensure that you stomach had time to heal and you are absorbing your food.

Start small

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When you eat your meals, you want to start small.  Eat a few bites, allow it to enter into your stomach and then continue with more.  After a short period of time you will start to feel full.  This is when you stop eating.

Wait thirty minutes before drinking

Since your digestive system has been altered it will be important that you allow your food to process before you start to drink any liquids.  The doctors will tell you that you need to wait thirty minutes after eating before you can drink.  After our surgery, we would take a few sips of water or whatever before we ate and if we became thirsty.  After the thirty minutes however we would drink normally.