Transferring Data Through Cables

Transferring Data Through Cables

Building the information superhighway has been a task that has started over thirty years ago and is still running strong.  With the development of cable midlothian tx and other wires such as cat5 and cat6 the development of massive information systems is now possible. 

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Development of the Internet

The Internet was originally a government project known as ArpNet.  This government program was designed to allow government agencies and people around the world to send signals and messages to each other over a secure network of computers that could not be compromised.  As the program grew, it entered into the private sector over the phone lines.

The first attempt at sending a signal

The first attempt to send a signal was the word “log”.  This is where we get the term “log on” or “logging in”.  When this signal was sent it proved that the concept was viable and that it was possible to send messages through these types of systems.

The infancy of the Internet

In the infancy of the Internet we didn’t have high speed service like we do today.  We used to do everything over phone lines.  We used to have to call into a service such as a BBS “Bulletin Board System” and when a connection was made, we were given a bunch of text commands that we could follow to access files, talk to people and more.  It was a real wonder in technology.

The future of the Internet

Now, we have high speed internet.  We have miles and miles of high-speed cable lines that feed the digital wonderland we call the Internet.  These cables carry massive amounts of data to and from all around the world.  Wireless technology is also a part of the wired network as well giving us the ability to connect and communicate with the world through our keyboards, video, audio and more.  It is a wonderful world.