Everyone Can Afford To Plant A Tree

Everyone Can Afford To Plant A Tree

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If everyone in your street could plant a tree today, then this is good. Tree company Orlando plantings cover one city. How many more cities to go still? And how many people are reading this now? So, if every reader here goes out there and plants a tree today, then the world has every chance of becoming a better place to live, dream, work and play, and breath in. Trees, did you not know, are the lifeblood of the earth.

They are the earth’s lungs. And right now, that earth, the only one that we have, is gasping for breath. This is all because of how poorly we have all been behaving. The earth’s environment has been polluted to no end. Today, you have global warming and climate change. Twenty or more years ago no one would have known about it. Many influential people did know about it, and you wonder why they did not speak out a lot more loudly.

Now is a good time to be asking questions. But some of those questions can be directed at yourself. Take an introspective look at your life, yes, do what they call navel gazing, and then ask yourself this question. What can I do to make a positive difference? No one needs to be told anymore that it is not hard to do. Anyone, really, anyone can afford to plant a tree today. Even if it means scattering the seeds from your apple’s core and the chunky pips from your rich and ripe avocado pears.

And just gently nudge it into the garden soil. And then give it a sprinkling of water. Or wait for the rains to fall. Tree companies are in your neck of the woods too, give them a call and find out more.