3 Expert Tips from Interior Designers

3 Expert Tips from Interior Designers

The organization of your home is the key to achieving balance and harmony between your décor and color scheme. From the type of art you hang to the knickknacks that decorate the shelves in your space, the details make all the difference in the appearance of your home. To help you achieve the ultimate look, let’s get into some of tricks that you’d find a decorator plainfield nj professional using when designing areas for their clients.

Map Your Art

It may seem like a chore to plan how you’re going to arrange pieces of art in the home, but this can prevent you from hanging photos that look haphazard and random. You can test your placement by using a piece of cardboard and painter’s tape to simulate the look that a certain sized frame would have. You can even use this to plan an entire wall dedicated to art, giving you a visually appealing and dynamic area that visitors are drawn to.

Consider Adding Wood

Wood is a classic look that can be used to bring a warm and homey feeling into the room. You can use reclaimed wood if you don’t want to contribute to harming the environment to add a focal point to your space. While wood furniture pieces are easy to find, a 3D wall could bring an entirely new look to the home and make the room unique.

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Use Bold Flooring

If you don’t want a wall as your focal point, consider adding some ‘oomph’ to the home by using bold colors and patterns on the floors. A design beneath your feet can look quite impressive when paired with the right décor. Different types of flooring can be used, such as tile or linoleum, to bring out key features in the room.

With these design tips, you’ll be able to make your home look as if it’s right out of a magazine. Map your art, don’t be afraid to add some wood to the home, and make a bold statement with your flooring choice.